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25 July 2022 11:00

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Welcome to our world of knowledge!

We believe in our customers’ ability to deploy and use SystemWeaver for efficient development of complex products. Therefore, SystemWeaver Academy provides numerous courses on SystemWeaver practices to strengthen your capabilities further. Our training team and experienced experts are prepared to share their knowledge in e-Learning, classroom, and remote trainings.


To be able to share trainings and SystemWeaver knowledge regardless of where you are located or what your needs are, we do offer our trainings in different formats, and can focus on standard and/or customer specific topics. If you don't find what you need or had in mind on this page, please drop us a line and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs further.

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Register by clicking on the link next to each training alternative further down on this page. If you have any questions or special requests, just drop us an e-mail:

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We will continuously update this page with dates for new training opportunities. If you want to sign up for our mailing list to get future updates directly from SystemWeaver Academy, click the big red button at the very bottom of this page to register for this purpose. Make sure you don't miss out!


At the moment, our SystemWeaver Basic and Extended user trainings are available as e-learnings, for you to attend whenever it suits you. They are easily accessible in a roll-out or for a group with full calendars.

Classroom Training

If you prefer to have us on-site, we can arrange classroom trainings for your users. In-person courses are more personal and offer room for flexibility and discussion.

Remote Training

As remote work becomes the new normal, but training continues to be equally important, SystemWeaver knowledge can be supplied using digital platforms like Teams or Zoom. 

Seminars and workshops

In addition to all our training modules, we can arrange numerous seminars and workshops on various topics. Please follow us on LinkedIn to not miss any opportunities.
Some of our trainings are scheduled as open events for everyone to join. See schedule and sign up for a specific class further down on this page.

Customer specific Training

Our training team can also offer courses specially designed for your needs. We can combine or expand content according to your prerequisites, and independent on whether you prefer to have all training courses on-site at your location, or in a remote format. We would be happy to prepare a corresponding quote for you.

Our different user trainings

Target Group: SystemWeaver Users 

SystemWeaver Basics 

Introduction training. Get an introduction to the tool and learn the basics about SystemWeaver like building blocks, versioning and standard operations, such as creating and updating items.

Target Group: All SystemWeaver users.
Participants Min 4 – Max 30.
Course length: 3-4 hours

Course Sep 16th - register
Course Oct 14th - register

SystemWeaver Super User

Continuation course to SystemWeaver Extended User Training. Recommendation is to have 6 months of experience from the tool. In a mix of theory, examples and discussions students will deepen their comprehension of SystemWeaver fundamentals, capabilities, and concepts. The course will also present a model-based way of thinking together with ways to use the tool to maximize its potential, from a user perspective, in everyday tasks.

Target Group: Experienced users with interest and/or responsibilities which requires an advanced level of skills and knowledge, like key users and tool support.
Participants: Min 5 – Max 20.
Course length: 2 days.

Course Oct 27th - Oct 28th - register

Target group: SystemWeaver Architects

SystemWeaver Architect

Training to be proficient as a SystemWeaver architect when it comes to meta-model management. Learn the basics of the Architect client together with a walkthrough of SystemWeaver's building blocks; Items, Parts, and Attributes. Get the answer to questions such as what is a node tree and how do I access it? When would I want to use a refobj? Also including a few standard solution patterns for requirement traceability with their pros and cons, and how to set up basic mapping views.

Target Group: Application Engineers configuring and customizing SystemWeaver to customers’ needs.
Participants: Min 5 – Max 20.
Course length: 2 days.

Course Dec 1st - register

SystemWeaver Scripting

Training to be proficient in SystemWeaver scripting to be able to generate scripts for configurable view support, document templates and report generation, etc. Learn the basics of how to traverse a SystemWeaver structure tree using the Script language. Learn how to apply this knowledge to define basic Charts, Grids, Graphs, and Reports. Also includes how to set up basic mapping views and Document XML definition.

Target group: Application Engineers configuring and customizing SystemWeaver to customers’ needs.
Participants: Min 5 – Max 20.
Course length: Monday & Friday each week during a period of 4 weeks.

Course Sep 13th - Oct 8th - register
Course Nov 1st - Nov 24th - register | | +46 31 719 93 00

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